Monday, April 11

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 quickly exceeds 150,000 downloads


Since the release of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 in October, 2015, Audio4fun has reached its download target sooner than expected; and that’s not all.

Voice Changer Software Diamond, developed by Audio4fun, is the advanced audio/voice morphing and processing software solution that provides users with real-time voice changing abilities as well as assists them with professional audio editing. The new Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 was officially released last October and quickly achieved 150,000 downloads within 5 months.

"Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 welcomed its 150,000th user last Saturday and it was a great encouragement to our team. We are very pleased to know that we apparently are going in the right direction. Our latest release of the software reflects the efforts of much planning and design improvements," said Chris R.F - head of Quality Administrator at Audio4fun.

In version 9.0, the main feature Voice Morpher, which allows users to change their voices’ characteristics, was built around a software re-organization. The new Voice Morpher contains not only 3 fundamental Voice Attributes (Pitch-Timbre-Formant Pitch), but also 2 essential modules, Voice Beautifying and Advanced Settings. This new organization assures the users that their input voice/audio will be well processed and enhanced in every aspect to produce the most natural quality outputs.

Chris also revealed, “We also collected 71% positive votes from people who downloaded and tested Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0. That says a lot about the initial acceptance of the changes, however; we must try more and more until we obtain 100% customer satisfaction. There remain some challenging technical problems that need to be solved in the future.”

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0’s strong first impressions and success at reaching its targeted release goals concludes a smooth start for a promising year for Audio4fun. Users interested in trying this new version can easily find a download link at

Tuesday, September 4

Discovery: Not All Religion is Rosy.

I was stoned – and fighting weakly, as it seemed that a gang of demons were struggling to gain full control of my mind! I had eaten some “magic mushrooms” that night with the intent of connecting with my animal “spirit guide.” Would it be a hawk or an eagle? What hidden wisdom would I discover? After eating the mushrooms, I had followed my impulses and driven out to a swamp out in the county, and taken a walk through the boggy woods. As I walked, the drug began taking a stronger hold, and so would the “animal spirit” sensation. Not a soaring hawk, or any other romantic notion, but I began to feel like a skulking wolf on the prowl. It was as if some other personality were settling in around my own like fog onto a smoking candle! Leaving the swamp, I began to drive back to town. Somebody I recognized was out hitchhiking, and I pulled over to give him a ride. As soon as I did, this strange personality started to close in on me. Under my seat was a long butcher's knife from my food service job, and I was getting this strong, other-worldly, urge to kill this man for food! 

Looking back, it is still frightening to think of how that might have ended, with the sheriff's office trying to figure how a car had left the road with the grisly remains of a full-on knife fight in the front seat. Looking back, at the time, I saw that man a day or two later. I didn't tell him what had been going on with me, but he said that he had been aware of a really evil presence in my car that night. I had devolved into an odd kind of scavenger, always on the lookout for the next thrill, and all the time seeing myself as one of the “religious” kind of beatnik as I read the books that were popular on the religious scene of the day –books on meditation, Chinese philosophy, and, until the swamp incident, something that was being sold as a Native American spirituality. “Organic” psychedelics, mystical music, occultic mysteries, and dangers like death and prison all combined to form what I felt was my “religion.”

Wednesday, August 29

X-Formation: The Beginning!

My trial title, X-Formation, is a bit of a puzzle. We know “X” from school as the unknown factor,. What we are talking about forming, we really don't know. In fact, St. Paul said, “We do not know what we shall be, but we know that, when he appears we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” While most of us read that verse as if it is about seeing Christ up close in the next life, isn't the Christian life here and now about seeing him more clearly, day by day? I used to work in electronics, and some of the common words we saw on diagrams were xfmr and xstr, for transformer and transistor. “Trans,” meaning, “across,” was printed as “x.” Again, the Bible calls for each of us to, “be transformed, by the renewing of our minds.” It is that transformation that allows us to know God's will (in that same verse), and, knowing it, to be able to pray, and receive, according to his will. So, this book could have been named, How to Know the Will of God, How to Get Your Prayers Answered, or even, You, Too, Can Predict the Future! I prefer X-Formation. Finally, the X stands for the Greek letter, “Chi,” which sounds closer to “key” in our language. We see it as shorthand for “Christ” in “X-mas,” and the Person of Christ is “key” in this, key formation of Christ in us. St. Paul, again, wrote, “Little children, for whom I labor and travail until Christ be formed in you..” And isn't “Christ in you, the hope of Glory,” and, as St. Peter wrote of, “being made partakers of the divine nature...” God's goal for each of our lives?

Saturday, February 6

A New Parable!

"A Sower went out to sow," and as he cast the seed, a wind picked up the holy seed and, while some fell and grew where it was cast, much more was spread on the wind and landed far and wide. Some fell on open ground, some in forests and thickets, and some among tares. As they grew, they came to share one and all in the same semblance, being all of one kind. Each plant grew from seed in the Sower's bag, itself having come from the Sower's own crib and field. Now, as time passed, fences, and even walls, went up, that the plants could not see beyond. They lost touch with their brothers and sisters far away, or even near by, if there were walls blocking the way. They remembered the Sower, and they knew whose plants they were, but since they were not in a great wheat field as intended, they tended to be only conscious of the Sower but not of their fellow stalks. 

As you might expect, the Sower was wise and diligent. Each seed that had come of his hand was just as important to him as any of the others, whether it were growing in the choice field or a forest far away. So wherever the stalks were growing, the Sower would be watching, and making sure they were fed and watered. His helpers were watching all this, and asked why he didn't transplant the stalks back to the home field, and why not weed out the tares, the false wheat, from around the good seed. The seed was scattered, he told them, so that it would produce a better harvest. And the tares were harmful, yes, but they also provided competition to cause the good stalks to grow straighter. He would sort out the tares in good time.

Harvest time came, and the Sower sent out his helpers to bring in the stalks. They harvested the home field, and they went out and brought in all the wheat from the faraway fields and thickets as well. As they were gathered all into the barn, some of the stalks began to complain, that foreign grain was being brought into their barn, and that these "outsiders" were not of "their" lineage. The Sower stood by, quietly listening. When there was a loud enough outcry, with all the stalks of such opinion were voicing their complaint, he directed his helpers, "Go  and remove those tares from among my wheat, and take care to burn them thoroughly, lest any of that bitter seed remain!

This story occurred to me as I was thinking about the way the fellowship among Christians, and the effectiveness of Christ's Church, has been splintered since the Roman bishop decided to "excommunicate" the entire Eastern 4/5 of the Church, and then another Roman bishop, and a Swiss priest, a few hundred years later started the trend of everybody excommunicating everybody.  The Eastern churches seem to have held it together better than most, in terms of keeping things on a "fellowship" level more than a military-style,  "allegiance" scheme, but how does Jesus see it?  How many times does the Bible tell us to build bureaucracies, or judge the Faith according to class membership?  He said to follow Him, and to love one another, to receive His Spirit, and bear witness of His Resurrection and Lordship.  Anything else?