Wednesday, February 14

Your Most Wonderful Moment!

We wonder, sometimes, when we hear that phrase. Was it a graduation, a wedding, maybe a child's birth? Maybe there was a special time just to “soak in” the beauty of a particular part of Creation: A mountain vista, the night sky in the desert. Maybe it was that first kiss, that led to a lifetime love affair with your spouse.

Looking back over a lifetime of “most wonderful moments,” I come back with a different view. That graduation- did it lead to the career you hoped for, a career that made the studies worthwhile? I hope it did. Is your marriage a continuation of that wonderful wedding? Again, I hope it is. Marriage is an awesome gift, to be able to share a life together on that kind of intimate level.

Old King Solomon, famous for his wisdom (and his mistakes), wrote this about 3,000 years ago, and life hasn't changed enough yet to make it any less true. He said, ”Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.”

Someone might cherish a memory of a wedding, but marriages can fail. A newborn child can grow up to be hateful and insolent. That desert sky can be just a mental snapshot to fade with time. Life really is wonderful, but we sometimes need to know where to look. As a Christian, I could say the moment Jesus moved into my life was the most wonderful. Some other, related, moments, could compete in my memory even with that. The most wonderful moment of my life, and of all the life of anybody on this Earth that is following the Lord, is yet to come. Growing in His grace, life makes sense, and allows us to have a better understanding of just Who it is we're called into fellowship with. The most wonderful moment, bar none, has got to be on that day when a life lived in Christ culminates in seeing Him, face-to-face: All else fades!

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