Friday, November 2

Three "Christians?"

As far as I can see it, there are three types of "Christians." In
today's society we tend to consider anyone who is not
noticeably below-average on that society's ethical curve a
"Christian." This of course depends on the opinion of the speaker and
their society's own ethics. If "Christian" is meant to be "like Christ," then how would God look at that use of the word? In short, accepted by a society considering itself "Christian" qualifies, but there is no mention of these qualifications in the Bible or Church tradition,
etc., except Jesus' grief over the Pharisees' error, and Paul's own self-criticism, "If I yet pleased (society?), I would not be the servant of Christ."

Second, there is a person who has been tagged as a Christian through some rite of passage. Depending on the context, this could be birth into a Christian tribe, baptism, chrism, praying an accepted prayer, or speaking in tongues. In this picture, a "right life" tends to bow out in favour of the rite. In this picture, anyone whose name is in the parish book is considered to be in God's, as well. To look at Jesus' words, or Paul's, wouldn't this kind of approach be sufficient grounds for God to strike a group as even being "Church."

The third would be a rather peculiar person. While these other "types" act in ways learned from the "outside in" through conformity to human norms, this third Christian is being transformed from the inside, out, often in such a way to show the workings of some agency above what we know as "natural." The initiation might vary, but the motivation is always a desire to belong to Christ. That person enjoys the inner assurance of the Holy Spirit, and lives a life that reflects that assurance, "being conformed to the image of the likeness of Christ,"

So- What's a "real" Christian? Wouldn't it depend on who we're trying to please?


  1. So, if it's all about who we are trying to please, and of course we want to please God.....
    Then why is it such a big deal as to whether or not a person actually attends a particular church regularly, why would it be a churches concern as to how you came to believe in God and Jesus. Why would people ask such personal questions like that if the only person we should be concerned about pleasing is God? If someone doesn't want to share how they came to believing what they believe and which churches they have been to, then people should let it go. A relationship with Jesus is personal and not everyone has to share their personal relationships with the rest of the world....

  2. One way to put it, God deals with us individually, but not as individuals. If you look through the Bible, really noticing what it is saying, it is the nation of Israel that God gave the Law, and sent judges and prophets. It is the Church that Christ gave His life for, and is the foundation for, building us all together as living stones, all fitted together according to His plan. You see that each of us is responsible before God, which is something that a lot of us tend to forget; and if we are looking to please Him, then His call is for us to follow Him as His flock, not as His strays. It's all according to His plan that we need each other, and we need to care for each other in real ways, and we need to gather together to worship Him and hear from Him as His flock, His bride, His body on this earth. Our main testimony to the world is our love for each other- how can we even do that much if we don't even meet together on a Sunday?

    I look forward to hearing from you, here, or email- God's blessings on ya!


So what's your take?