Thursday, January 24

Do You Wonder?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find out that what you once believed, way back when, were actually true? That there really is such a thing as right, and wrong is just a lack of it? That love is more than chemistry, or some kind of insecurity, but a real source of strength to make things right, and do right, and even make great sacrifices without feeling any loss? That your life is more than a few sparks jolting some neurons here and there, but the reason for those nerve cells firing? That there really is a forever, an eternity, and a God who lives there, and here, and created you and me to enjoy his love, forever? Did you ever wonder what could have ever taken our minds off of such a great hope as that, or how to actually take hold of it? Did you notice a Bible on your bookshelf last time you walked by it? Have you ever read in there what Jesus had to say about all this? The most wonderful part of anybody's life can start by opening those pages, and simply saying, from one's heart, "Lord, show me your Truth!"


  1. Hi Robert,

    Interesting post and very nice visual header.


  2. Thanks, Russ,

    Even the "interesting" I'll take as a positive, considering the source! I pray your dissertation goes even better than expected: You certainly have chosen the topic for it!

  3. Thanks Robert.

    I shall leave a reply on my blog, and it would be very good to link.


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