Wednesday, January 28

Abortion: The Real Victims

Abortion- Some Questions, a Few Answers

In 1973 the whole American ethic flipped upside down, and for the greater part we have yet to come to grips with the fact. A generation that had been taught that people “evolve” in the womb from jellyfish to chimps before appearing as finally human made it legal to kill those “fish” before they became embarrassingly round tummies or troublesome toddlers. Then Modern Science caught up with the Bible, at least in this detail, and admitted that the difference between the wee babe at six weeks and a six week-old in the bunny suit was no more significant than that between the wee one in the bunny suit and her two-year-old brother. Too late, by that time nobody was asking that question any more. Whether the “product of conception” was human or not, the rhetoric had changed to a demand for “A woman's right to choose,” or “ decide what to do with her own body.” Really?

Besides re-framing the question in language that puts one individual's convenience above another's very life, this sleight of hand brings some other points into view. For one, the more obvious, what does it take to persuade a woman to expose herself to such a procedure, to risk her own reproductive future (and her own life), and participate in the gruesome murder of her own child? This picture, in itself, is so hard to bear that it has become the focus of most of the pro-life/anti-abortion campaigning and rescue ministry; but in truth they seem to have missed the bigger picture. We need to do some re-evaluating, and ask ourselves,

1.What is in our society that produces either, in some cases the fear, and in others the indifference, that persuades the mothers to seek abortions in the first place?
2.Or, what entices a man (usually) to devote his life and career to dismembering two, four, and six-pound infants?
3.How does a nation come to accept the fact that these “procedures” are taking place in their very cities and forget the tragic testimony of German civilians at the Nuremburg trials (as the world discovered the horrors of the Nazi death camps), “We didn't know?” We do know.
4.How can the same people feel such shock at the crimes of Jeffery Dahmer or Charles Manson, then accept abortionists as members of the “professional community?” For all the talk, our most liberal politicians have nothing to fear from American vigilantism!

These are all the most obvious questions. Questions I'm sure everyone has already put together some kind of bromide answer for, at least enough to excuse themselves from getting involved. But those questions, horrible as they are, are the tip of the iceberg. Let's consider,

1.What does contact with, much less involvement in, such a crime do to somebody? What kind of pain, what kind of nightmares, do women face after “everything is all right?”
2.Or the abortionist: Did he stare up at the stars as a young lad, and dream of doing such a thing for a living? What does that job do to his conscience? To the way he sees his own children?
3.Can we continue to put every little part of life in its own compartment, so that everything is “handled,” but nothing touches, or connects? So that nothing is really understood?
4.How long can a people call itself a “good nation,” or behave as one, while endorsing such barbarity?

In the bigger picture, the ones who suffer the least are the children whose own mothers' wombs become death chambers, no matter how painfully they die. The ones who take on the most pain are the ones who think they are benefiting from it. When God made this human race, when He made each of us (no matter, here, how we think He did it), He made us in His own image. Things about us, that are hard-wired into who we are, are pretty standard whether we grew up in Papua or Pittsburgh. Love, compassion, recognising the value of honesty no matter how honest we might not be, the feeling that “there's Somebody up there” whether we call ourselves religious or not. These are all links we have in us that show our true origin, our real identity. When we do even the smallest things that we know are wrong, or when convince ourselves that the “wrong” really isn't, we deface that much more of that inner image & likeness, destroying who we even are: building up walls of pride, guilt, bitterness, and denial that lock us in from relating to God, to each other, even to ourselves. Our families fall apart, our cities become jungles as its people lose their humanity, and the nation itself becomes a wasteland. All this is just one part of the picture. In the bigger view we have to ask ourselves one more question: Will God allow such a thing to go unpunished?

God promises forgiveness and restoration for any who will turn from their sins. Are we willing, are you willing, to turn, to make a change, and follow Jesus? If we continue in our sins, there is no hope for us, but “certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation.” Leonard Ravenhill said, “If God does not judge America, He is going to have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah.” Thirty years ago.


  1. Hi Robert!!!

    First, Happy New Year!!!

    Just for getting an insight from you - If there is no abortion, there will be a growth in teen/young mothers. How to deal with it?

  2. Hi, Joel! Long time, my brother!

    Hard as it seems, from the way that the whole abortion sales pitch has been spun, it is really an issue of apples and oranges. On one hand is the wholesale destruction of human life both in the deaths of these millions of innocents and in the lives of all those effected by the killing. On the other is the (theoretical, at this point) increase in the number of births to young mothers. I understand this paints a different picture to you in India than to me in the States, but babies are precious young lives regardless, and there is not a baby on this planet regardless of age (counting from conception) who is of any smaller significance than the most prominent leader or beloved film star in this world. It is the job of the Church, and always has been, to do all we can to rescue and help the powerless in any way we can, whether that means fostering children, reaching the young girls with the Gospel so they will not be becoming single mothers at 14 years of age (or 22 or whatever!) but will instead be enabled to live holy and productive lives. Of course, with all the work of this sort that Gospel Friends is doing in Tamil Nadu this is no news to you, but the Church needs to awaken in so many areas, and in so many ways, and commit herself to obeying her Lord when she prays, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Are we willing to follow Him in doing His will?

    Joel, know you and your family are on my heart. God bless you all, amazingly!


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