Saturday, July 4

Remember "Freedom?"

Today's the 4th. Happy 4th, to all Americans! This day commemorates the children of English and European settlers binding together to form a new nation. Lately, though, that seems to be about all we know about it. Our schools spend precious little time on that era, and what time is taken is put to memorising dates and names the students know nothing else about, making the very study of history repulsive to them. If we understood the story behind the “story” we are fed, we would have a far greater appreciation both for the price paid for our freedoms in this country and the relationship of the American Experiment to the rest of the world.

From what I”ve gathered of the readers who have come to this small site in the past two and half years, it seems that the average person is probably a lot smarter and better-educated than me. Instead, then, of launching into one more Internet history lesson, there are some questions that need to be answered if we are going to be able to preserve the heritage that was begun some 233 years ago today.

Was this land first settled to establish a political system, an economic system, or to establish God's kingdom throughout the world?

We know that the majority of our Founding Fathers claimed an evangelical faith in Christ. What of the spearheads of the independence movement?

What is there to learn from a closer look at our country's early conflicts that might help us see our development as a nation among the nations more clearly?

What was the relationship between the populist / socialist movements in Europe in the mid-18th century and the developments here during that time?

How did FDR “save” the US economy, and social structure, by increasing taxes (decreasing the money supply) and spending the money of throwaway projects which forced men to leave their wives and children for extended periods, producing a fatherless generation?

How is it that what we call Patriotism we learned in a school system developed by self-proclaimed Socialists?

Is there a link between public-school “socialisation” and Socialism?

Could any of this be a factor in the so-called “Change” we are now witnessing?

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